T.A.G. Team Cleaning LLC

Maid Service Cleaning Homes in West Hartford

Conditions Recurring services are dedicated to homes that have had a deep cleaning completed by our company within the last four weeks.  Our ongoing recurring clients will receive a special touch of care as we focus on keeping their home spruced up, dusted and freshly cleaned in between cleanings at a basic level.  At This time we offer weekly, biweekly and monthly service at a flat low rate.  Deep cleaning services must be requested in advance. To schedule for your first initial deep cleaning, please request an estimate online.

Checklist for Recurring Cleaning Service (Basic Level)


• All sinks (scrubbed/disinfected)
• Counter tops & backsplashes (hand wiped)
• Stovetop (scrubbed)
• Outside of appliances cleaned / inside microwave (hand wiped)

• All bathroom counters & fixtures (sanitized)
• All sinks (scrubbed/disinfected)
• Tub/shower & tiles (scrubbed)
• Toilet bowl, lid & hinges (scrubbed)
• Counter tops & backsplashes (hand wiped)
• Mirrors (cleaned)

All Rooms, Hallways and Foyers:
• Beds made, 1 set (not changed)
• Cobwebs removed
• Furniture (tops dusted)
• Lamps & lampshades (dusted)
• Light fixtures within 2-step ladder reach (feather dusted)
• Window sills, & lock ledges (dusted)
• Mirrors (cleaned)
• Pictures & decor (feather dusted)
• Stairs (vacuumed)
• Uncluttered shelves (feather dusted)
• Wastebaskets (emptied/relined)
• Floors (vacuumed &/or mopped)

ADD-ON SERVICES (not included in recurring cleaning services)

Customize your cleaning by adding Add-Ons only when needed based on your budget. These tasks must be requested in advance and are at an additional cost.

Deep clean refrigerator (inside and out)

Deep clean oven (inside and out)

• Deep clean hood vent (outside and underneath, without disassembling)

Baseboards, wood trims and banisters (wiped by hand)

Cabinet fronts (wiped by hand)

Extra Deep Shower Scrub (to help remove build up & mold)

Deep clean dishwasher (inside and out)

• Standard Windows (indoor glass only - no tracks, no folding)

Blinds (washed by hand in place)

Blinds (micro-dusted in place)

• Bed Linens (changed)