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At T.A.G. Team Cleaning, LLC, we have proudly been serving individuals and businesses in West Hartford and the surrounding area since 2007. Our team of friendly, hardworking, and highly-trained cleaners are passionate about what they do and ensure that every job we work on is complete to the highest standard possible. With T.A.G. Team Cleaning, LLC, you will always be in safe hands, and with the help of our cleaning professionals, you can be sure that your home or business premises will be left spotlessly clean, tidy, and organized. Contact our team at T.A.G. Team Cleaning, LLC to discuss your cleaning needs and get a quote today!

Our home cleaning service offerings are custom-based and straightforward. Always designed to ensure that your home always looks the very best, we allow you to decide if and what custom tasks you wish for us to tackle during each cleaning visit. Our highly-trained home cleaners who have a natural attention to detail, we guarantee your home will be sparkly clean and sanitized, max no matter the home size. We guarantee you will be amazed by the results of our home cleaning services provided.

Tired of spending your time doing laundry? With our laundry cleaning services, we will wash, sort, fold or hang, and put away your laundry, saving you time and hassle. While each laundry load completes its custom cycle, our home cleaners will use the “wait” time to perform some light cleaning tasks around your home. This service is perfect for the individuals who want us to tidy up specific area(s) of a home while between starting and completing the laundry tasks versus having a deep cleaning performed.

Making the right impression on your clients is a must and having a sanitized, clean, safe environment for your team is more crucial now than ever. Our commercial cleaning services offer a range of cleaning duties and tasks that will ensure your business premises or facility always looks their best. Now offering cleanings during business hours, our professional cleaners can tackle the high traffic areas keeping them clean, tidy, and organized, so you can be ready to impress your clients.

T.A.G. Team Cleaning, LLC: The Complete Cleaning Company

At T.A.G. Team Cleaning, LLC, we realize there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. For this reason, we offer a range of cleaning services for both commercial and residential. Offering these flexible, affordable, and effective cleaning services helps each of our clients save time, so spend time on the precious things in life.

For those looking for a reliable home cleaning service, we offer a unique estimate process where you tell us all about your home and any custom areas or preferences you expect with your home cleaning. This streamlined process allows us to provide a relatively accurate estimate of all the cleaning services we offer. Whether you want a one-off deep clean of your property or to arrange a regular visit from one of our expert home cleaners, we are here for you. Using eco-friendly cleaning products, you can be sure that your family and pets will be safe. Our friendly and hardworking cleaning staff are vetted thoroughly and trained to the highest standard to ensure you feel safe, comfortable, and at ease with our team working in your home.

At T.A.G. Team Cleaning, LLC, we understand that nobody enjoys doing laundry. What’s more, it can take up so much time, and often many wish they could be doing something more fun versus all things laundry. To give our clients a little more free time in their day, our team can wash, sort, fold, hang, and put away the clothes. And, in between loads, our home cleaners will perform a little light cleaning to make sure that we make good use of our time. With the laundry done and your home feeling fresher, you can relax in comfort when you get home at the end of a busy day.

Business owners need to ensure that their business premises always look presentable. From making a positive impression on your current and prospective clients to providing a clean, safe work environment for your staff, a clean workplace is essential. At T.A.G. Team Cleaning, LLC, we offer a range of commercial cleaning services that are guaranteed to leave your business premises shining.

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