T.A.G. Team Cleaning LLC

Maid Service Cleaning Homes in West Hartford

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Currently, we are using mostly biodegradable and phosphate free products, which we have listed here. We do not use any aerosol sprays or ammonia based products. Bleach based products are reserved for the bathrooms to kill bacteria and mold (only when needed). In addition, we have added an EPA registered disinfectant approved against COVID-19 to sanitize highly touched areas. 

The products we are currently using are:

  • Murphy's Soap (98% plant based, biodegradable, phosphates free)
  • Dawn (contain biodegradable surfactants)
  • Brillo Pads (bleach, phosphates and peroxide free)
  • Essential Oils (organic)
  • Bars Keepers Friend (biodegradable and bleach & phosphates free)

Bleach based products (reserved for bathroom cleaning only):
  • Clorox Clean Up
  • Snow Bowl
  • Comet or Soft Scrub

EPA disinfectant approved against COVID-19:
  • Maxim Neutral Disinfectant (EPA #10324-157)