Rising Above COVID-19

Message From Our Founder, Patty Belgrave

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The collective wellbeing of your family, staff and our Cleaning Technicians is the utmost priority!

It is an honor to safely assist our clients and families as they adjust to the new normal, move forward, and get back to work. We will continue to monitor developments regarding Covid-19 and will implement the highest level of safety and service for our clients 100% of the time.  The collective wellbeing of your family, staff, and our Cleaning Technicians is the utmost priority!

Implemented Safety and Prevention Guidelines for Residential and Commercial Clients:

Founder Patty Belgrave is GBAC Certified on infectious disease cleaning, sanitation and prevention, with an emphasis on COVID-19 and SARS-Cov-2. Our Cleaning Technicians have been fully trained on proper cleaning, sanitation and prevention guidelines.

To reduce our bank runs and public interaction, we are no longer accepting personal checks from our residential clients. A payment link is included with our invoices for safe credit/debit card processing. Commercial checks will continue to be accepted on a once per month basis.
Our Cleaning Technicians, as well as clients receiving cleaning services, will receive a Risk Assessment questionnaire designed to screen for health and possible exposure. This questionnaire will help us mitigate any potential risk and keep our clients, staff, and families safe. The assessment will be sent out prior to every cleaning service.
Cleaning Technicians screen and report their temperature and any other symptoms daily. Sick employees are not permitted to work until a proper medical examination is done.
Only one (1) Cleaning Technician is assigned per facility with the exception of extra-large properties and deep cleanings, which may require no more than two (2) Cleaning Technicians.
Outside contractors are not permitted in the residence or office during the cleaning process. We kindly ask that those services are scheduled separately.

Social distancing is strictly enforced:

  • Residential Clients: Family members are required to stay in one room or area of the home while the cleaning is in progress. The cleaning technician will swap places with the family when it is time to clean that area.
  • Commercial Clients: For spaces with moderate to high employee occupancy, cleaning services will be performed after-hours when the business is closed. Cleaning performed during operating hours will be limited to 5 people max per 1000 sq ft, and they must remain in a different area of the office while the cleaning is in progress.
Hand hygiene is performed routinely. Our staff wash their hands before and after the cleaning and use hand sanitizer throughout the day.
Face masks and gloves are worn during the cleaning process and these specific supplies will be replaced with clean face masks and gloves as needed.
High touched surfaces such as door knobs, handles, and light switches are sanitized with an EPA registered disinfectant approved against Covid-19. Call our office to arrange for additional sanitation services not included in your normal services.
To promote safety and health, we encourage our clients to educate their family and/or staff on sanitizing their personal workspaces daily, covering their coughs and sneezes, practicing social distancing, and performing hand hygiene regularly.
To keep everyone safe, we will continue to provide NON-bio-hazard cleaning services to our residential and commercial clients. Facilities with COVID-19 positive cases that require special cleaning services will be forwarded to local decontamination biohazard service companies.

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