Meet Patty Belgrave

Our Owner & Visionary

Work-Focused, Family-Orientated & Kind-Hearted

The owner and visionary of a superb cleaning company (T.A.G. Team Cleaning, LLC), Patty Belgrave, is a successful entrepreneur, army-wife, and mom to two daughters and a son. A true entrepreneur at heart, Patty has been involved in numerous small business ventures and community projects.

In 2007, while struggling to find balance in family, career, and maintaining a neat and tidy home, Patty recognized a growing demand in the market for cleaning services to serve busy working professionals just like her. This sparked the idea to begin her own residential cleaning service, and soon Patty was cleaning homes in the evening while working her full-time job during the day. Through her determination, work ethic, friendly, approachable nature, and commitment to providing a superior cleaning service, Patty’s client list quickly grew as word spread about her new cleaning company and the overwhelmingly positive experiences that clients were having with T.A.G. Team Cleaning LLC.

Patty Belgrave Owner of TAG Team Cleaning LLC (Cleaning Service Pro)

In June 2007, Patty left her career to pursue T.A.G. Team Cleaning, LLC full time and dedicate herself 100% to this new venture. Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength as its reputation continues to grow. Patty has invested time personally hiring and training each of her employees to ensure that they align with the company’s core values.

What Makes Patty's Dedicated Approach Unique

Keeping the customer at the fore, Patty strives to deliver a service that will not only meet but surpass the needs of T.A.G. Team Cleaning, LLC’s clients. To ensure that our clients feel safe, comfortable, and at ease with our professional cleaners visiting their home or business premises, each of our team members is subject to a thorough background check. Patty personally interviews each qualified applicant to ensure they are the right fit for T.A.G. Team Cleaning, LLC.

With industry experience since 2007 and a team of highly-trained, friendly, expert cleaners, T.A.G. Team Cleaning, LLC has established itself as the leading cleaning services company in the area. Led by Patty Belgrave, you know you are in safe hands with the team at T.A.G. Team Cleaning, LLC and that no stone will be left unturned in ensuring your home or office location is sparkling clean.

Committed To Positively Impacting Communities

As a passionate believer in ‘community,’ Patty is dedicated to giving back to those in need in West Hartford and the surrounding local area. Since 2013, T.A.G. Team Cleaning, LLC has proudly partnered with Cleaning For A Reason, a charity that provides free cleaning services to patients undergoing cancer treatment. Since beginning our partnership with Cleaning For A Reason, we and other partners across the US have donated services to more than 40,000 cancer patients in the area. With the help of this life-changing charity and through Patty and her team’s hard work, T.A.G. Team Cleaning, LLC strive to make a real difference in the local community through charitable donations, partnerships, and other ventures. Going forward, Patty is hoping to expand her philanthropic efforts into other non-profit programs that will help the community.

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