T.A.G. Team Cleaning LLC

Maid Service Cleaning Homes in West Hartford


Welcome! My name is Patty Belgrave, Founder and Operations Manager of T.A.G. Team Cleaning LLC in West Hartford Connecticut. 

We at T.A.G. Team Cleaning LLC are humbled and honored to have served our clients and the Greater Hartford community for over 12 years. Our promise is to provide loyal and honest Cleaning Professionals that will bring integrity, love and care to your home or office. We listen closely to your needs, welcome feedback and vow to give back to the community.

We are known in town to be Trustworthy, Attentive and Giving, as our initials "T.A.G." represent. 

TRUSTWORTHY - We want you to feel secure and comfortable with the Cleaning Professionals that we assign to your home or office. For that reason, we carefully interview and screen each qualifying candidate. In our assessment period, a Team Leader works hand in hand with our Cleaning Professionals to ensure that they are vetted, trained and have demonstrated integrity and professionalism. They arrive ready to serve you and are fully committed to our company's mission and core values.

ATTENTIVE - Our Cleaning Professionals pay close attention to your needs and dislikes, and work diligently to create an effective cleaning routine that will result in your complete satisfaction.  They embrace your feedback wholeheartedly, improve on their shortcomings and seek to build a lasting relationship for years to come.

GIVING -  Our company and staff strives to be a place where we can make a difference. In our our effort to give back, we continually  seek opportunities to make an impact full contribution to our community. Alongside several charities, our main focus has been through our partnership with www.CleaningForAReason.org whereby we provide free monthly cleanings to female cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy.

We look forward to talking to you soon.

Kind regards,

Patty Belgrave

Founder, Operations Manager

Just wanted to send you all a quick note on how much we have appreciated Tina's service.  Many times it the little things she does that we tell others when we refer people to you.  From the Thanksgiving Note to the Mothers Day note, it's those thing that are the icing on the cake.  One thing she did I believe in September is she put away the clean dishes we had out.  We haven't nor would I expect her to do that and it was a welcome surprise.

My wife says every time you come "It's the happiest day of the month". Thank you for all that you do and what you enable us to do.

Thanks and happy holidays.

Ryan, Simsbury CT