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Maid Service Cleaning Homes in West Hartford

Affordable Maid Cleaning Service Packages


Afflordable Maid Cleaning Service available through our moderate level cleaning for homes with not too much build up and average dust. Emphasis is on wiping down top surfaces, feather dusting and floors.

Included in a General Detailed Cleaning:

• Kitchen & Bathrooms 

• Counter tops disinfected

• Stove top wiped down

• Microwave (inside & out) 

• Refrigerator (outside only)

• Other appliances (outside only) 

• Bedrooms and common rooms dusted

• Mirrors, glass & chrome polished 

• Beds & sheets (1 set made, not changed)

• Accessible surfaces dusted

• Furniture dusted (sides & legs)

• Sofas & chairs dusted (not under cushions)

• Miscellaneous items dusted

• Wastebaskets emptied, wiped & relined

Stairs vacuumed & washed

• Small area rugs lifted & vacuumed

• Cobwebs removed 

• Floors swept and mopped

Carpets vacuumed


Like a Spring cleaning this package focuses on cleaning a home from top to bottom with an emphasis and focus on build up. Most tasks are wiped or scrubbed by hand.

Included in a Deluxe Deep Cleaning:

• Everything listed in the General Detailed Cleaning PLUS,

• Cabinets and drawers (wiped down, fronts only)

• Top shelves & wall hangings

• Light switch plates & outlets

• Light fixtures & ceiling fans

• Doors (wiped down, both sides)

• Beds & sheets (1 set made & changed)

• Baseboards, moldings, woodwork, window sills & banisters 

(wiped down, reachable by hand w/out moving furniture)


Designed for homes that are empty are need a top to bottom Spring like cleaning to get them ready to be put on the market or for move in purposes. Emphasis and focus is on build up and hand wiping all corners, fixtures and molding.

Included in a Deluxe Move In / Out Deep Cleaning:

• Same as a DELUXE Deep Cleaning (does not inc. furniture) PLUS,

• Cabinets and drawers (inside & out, and tracks)

• Inside Closets & closet shelves (wiped down and swept)

• Window glass (inside only)


If you are looking for affordable maid service you can customize your cleaning by  adding only what you need based on your budget.
These tasks are not included in any of the above packages and must be requested in advance.

Deep clean refrigerator (inside and out)

Deep clean oven (inside and out)

• Deep clean hood vent (outside and underneath, without disassembling)

Deep clean dishwasher (inside and out)

• Grout in bathroom shower (scrubbed)

• Grout in bathroom floors (scrubbed)

Grout in kitchen floors (scrubbed)

Standard windows (indoor glass & tracks, no folding)

Blinds (wiped by hand in place)